The Bold One Punters Club 20th July 2024

Punters Club 20th July 2024 application form:

$500 PUNTING MONEY PER SYNDICATE / ENTRY 1 complimentary ticket per syndicate for entry into Punters Lounge $90 per person thereafter In message please include your Name / Nom De Plume and how many punters in your team







  1. Name of Contestants to be disclosed although a Pseudonym (nom de plume) may be used for publicity purposes
  2. $500 Betting Fund to be deposited with the Club in advance by direct payment or in Cash/Eftpos
  3. Entrants can pay up for betting fund at the Secretary’s  Office on Friday 19th July, 2024 from 12 noon to 6.00 pm and Saturday (raceday) 9.00am onwards.  The latest time for entry is 3.300pm Saturday,  an entrant can enter as many times as they wish
  4. Competition opens 30 minutes before the 1st race in New Zealand on Saturday 20th July 2024
  5. No minimum or maximum bets
  6. Bets can be made at all meetings the TAB are taking bets on that day
  7. Competition end will be notified on the day but generally will be 90 minutes after the last race at New Plymouth Raceway on Saturday 20TH July, 2024.
  8. The winner shall be the contestant with the highest balance after the dividends of the last race of the competition have been added to the contestants deposit tickets on Saturday 20th July, 2024.
  9. A progress chart showing each entrants name will be updated every hour
  10. In the event of a tie, the winner will be drawn by lot under supervision of the Racecourse Inspector
  11. All contestants must pick up their deposit tickets at the commencement of the day from the Raceday Office
  12. Your deposit ticket must be used to establish your credit each time you go to a betting window.  Once your credit is established on a betting machine you may then place your bets or collect your dividend as appropriate
  13. The onus to check tickets remains with the contestant.  Neither the Club nor TAB has any liability to acknowledge tickets which contestants claim are incorrect.
  14. Contestants will retain their deposit tickets and their betting tickets.  Claims in respect of lost tickets will not be entertained
  15. All dividends MUST BE COLLECTED WITHIN 20 MINUTES of each race being confirmed, so that the updated collation can be processed.  Any person who in the opinion of the contest organiser, deliberately holds back winning dividends in an attempt to lessen their position on the dividend board will be disqualified
  16. At the end of the day, the TAB Software will trace all transactions made against contestants starting deposit ticket.  This will enable confirmation of final results to be announced within one hour after the last race.  The trace will enable that (a) $500 has been turned over by 4.00pm (b) $1,000 has been turned over by 6pm (c) all dividends have been correctly credited to rightful contestants (d) no interchange of winning dividends has been made between contestants.
  17. All Fixed Odds Bets must be notified to Organisers prior to race.



Taranaki Racing Inc Bank A/c

TSB Bank:  15-3953 -0677604-00

Please include reference “Punters and your Name”




  1. You must begin all transactions with your deposit tickets
  2. You must collect within 20 minutes of result confirmation
  3. You must retain your own deposit tickets and your own betting vouchers
  4. You must check your tickets
  5. You can bet at any Competition Window
  6. Cash windows will be available
  7. Final Fixed Odds Bets are allowed in the competition, but Multi’s are NOT