CCTV Policy

Taranaki Racing Inc. Security CCTV Policy as at March 2021

All Staff and Visitors are to note that in all security camera have been installed in buildings owned by Taranaki Racing Inc. (hereafter TRI).

These cameras are overt cameras, they can be seen by staff and visitors.

TRI also reserves the right to install cover (hidden) cameras if such a need arises. No warning will be given. These cameras, if ever installed, will be removed when no longer necessary by the Privacy Act.

Cameras are on site for the following reasons:

•    Staff safety
•    Visitor safety
•    Protection of Plant and Equipment
•    Logistics planning
•    Quality of service
•    Staff work ethics
•    Shrinkage/theft/burglary

Who may access the footage:

•    Taranaki Racing Inc. Office Staff
•    Taranaki Racing Inc, Board Members
•    Police, upon request or with optional search warrant

No one should interfere with the cameras, cover or move them without express permission from management.

The cameras record 24/7 when there is motion and footage is stored for approximately three months before being erased automatically.

The person in charge of the CCTV system is Carey Hobbs, and all requests from staff or members of the public about the system should be directed to him.

Taranaki Racing Inc.