IN Announcement
Media Release
September 07, 2021



From: Carey Hobbs, CEO, Taranaki Racing Inc

Taranaki Racing planned Xtreme Race Day will go ahead on Saturday 11 September, but will remain a closed meeting, with only essential staff permitted. No Members, owners, sponsors, hospitality guests, or public will be allowed on course.

Whilst these race days are great for participants and the TV audience they are particularly far less profitable for the club and those who enjoy the on course experience.

Club CEO, Carey Hobbs, said “Whilst we are very disappointed we can’t have attendees on course, we will adhere to the NZTR directive to clubs to run race days as a closed venue for, at least, the next seven days.

The industry is taking a very cautious approach to ensure maximum compliance to Government protocols, and whilst we are confident we could have had a couple of groups of 50 attend - in line with the change to Level 2 social gathering criteria - for the greater good of the racing industry we will abide with the NZTR directive”.