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Track Update May 2022
May 27, 2022

Quick Update:

27 May 2022


Taranaki Racing reluctantly have agreed to hand their June 9th Raceday License to the Waverley Racing Club to be run at Waverley.

Taranaki Racing had hoped to resume racing at New Plymouth on June 9th but did not get RIB approval to race; despite having had over 70 horses gallop recently on the newly renovated track and holding two jumpouts (practice races) this week where the track performed admirably.

RIB staff weren’t present despite being asked and have decreed that we need to have a set of trials with northern jockeys riding and RIB present prior to getting approval to return to racing.

Not having run a trial meeting at New Plymouth for several decades due to the cost to owners, we have asked if another set of jumpouts (40+ horses) will suffice.  New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing have said they will provide the required northern jockeys.  We have tentatively asked that this be set for June 10th giving us 6 weeks to promote our feature Powerworx Opunake Cup Raceday.

Whilst the likes of Allan Sharrock, John Wheeler, top rider Lisa Allpress and Dylan Turner who rode in recent New Plymouth jumpouts and NZTR Track Advisor Todd Treweek are 100% convinced the track is ready for racing to resume, the RIB must give permission to resume racing.  NZTR support the extensive protocols required by the RIB for a return to racing at New Plymouth to re-establish industry confidence in the track.  Ironically the track over many of the spring and summer race days attracted great comments prior to the mainly weather related abandonments in late summer and autumn.  I wonder if Doomben are having the same problem as us.



Carey Hobbs

Chief Executive Officer

Taranaki Racing