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Update March 2022
March 10, 2022

Quick Update:

With support from NZTR, Taranaki Racing are doing a track renovation which will see our track in even better condition than ever. 


The project involves

  1. Drainage and Camber project
  2. Cutting the grass very low and then scarifying the coverage to eliminate browntop (a weak rooted species).  This is also called de-thatching
  3. Deep aeration by vertidrain to ensure no hard pan and also water to penetrate into the soil profile
  4. Undersow and spray to inhibit browntop regrowth
  5. Fertiliser when new grass appears


Likely Racing Return

The meeting on March 25th will be transferred to Hawera.  A decision on the Saturday May 14th racedate will be made at a later date but this too may go the Hawera.  The meeting on March 25th will be a closed meeting.

Sports Hub

The Consultation Process with the NPDC Consultants is progressing.  The final plan with the stadium adjacent the current stadium has been approved by all users, the only building in the middle is a low level changing room.  We have a firm timeline in which we hope will see the partnership between Taranaki Racing and the Sports Hub agreed and signed by all parties prior to this year’s Local Body Elections.